Grant of Power

“As Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations, on behalf of the Children of Our Lord, Theresa Mary May is granted the plenitude of substantial power including the catalytic power to arrest and detain, with due process of a jury trial, those who have offended the Law of Christ ...”

King james Bible

King James Bible, 1613

This letter to Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May MP outlines the carefully constructed Prisoner’s Dilemma of a Global Zoo, how this led to ‘Austerity’, the “globalization of indifference” and scarcity propaganda.

The letter outlines how “the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ [shall] come to the Children of Our Lord, freeing us from tyrants, always acting now and without delay to bring the bounty of Mother Mary to us all, forgiving all of us our debts to give all of us, joy in full. (Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:9-13).”

Letter Rogatory to the Home Sectretary

Right Honourable Theresa Mary May
House of Commons

Letter Rogatory to the Home Secretary
29th July 2013

Dear Mrs. May,

In the name of Our Sovereign Lady of the Common Law, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our living Queen, Greeting !

One of the effects of our Letter Rogatory to the UK Parliament dated 28 May 2013 that is visible, is that the cleaning of the Aegean Stables of Our Sovereign lady’s kingdom has begun. The purpose of this letter is to convey Spiritual Power to yourself, the Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Kingdom of the Commonwealth of Nations, a noble real title for ‘Home Secretary’, so that the grace and joy of a debt jubilee shall manifest.

It is wisdom that says that women are the standard by which to measure fearlessness, rather than the bravery described in The Charge of the Light Brigade. The fearless love by which a mother protects a child from a wild beast is the the epitome of love that protects life, rather than dependency on the orders of a leader. (See enclosed Open Letter to Pope Francis).

In distant parts of Her Majesty’s realms, a question asked even today, “Is all well with the Household of the ‘Great Mother’” ? As it was in the days of Queen Victoria.

The use of the Queen, in a dignified capacity, is incalculable. Without her in England, the present English Government would fail and pass away. Most people when they read that the Queen walked on the slopes at Windsor—that the Prince of Wales went to the Derby—have imagined that too much thought and prominence were given to little things. But they have been in error; and it is nice to trace how the actions of a retired widow and an unemployed youth become of such importance.

Walter Bagehot, The English Constitution.

When Walter Bagehot was writing, Queen Victoria, by then widowed, was Queen Empress. In the Indian Mutiny, the angry soldiers did not topple the statue of Queen Victoria, they recognised that the tyranny they opposed was perpetrated by rude minions who had provoked the mutiny by their actions.

An Empire has appeared to pass away leaving a quarrelling bunch of politicians who ‘give away powers’ to foreign bureaucrats. Contracts void of consideration are void at law – this applies to so-called treaties as well as to acts of a fiction, UNITED KINGDOM PLC.

The paid politicians of today must reflect that their pay indicates that they are employees and are therefore not free men and women who are representatives of a people at liberty. The only thing left for them, is their conscience. Latches do not bind a people.

As recently as a generation past, the marriage ceremony included a promise for the wife to ‘obey’ her husband. The consideration in this ‘contract’ is the gold (substance) brought in by the man for his lady to run the household. As Home Secretary you have to face a cabinet full of men and a Chancellor of the Exchequer whose pockets hide nothing more than is necessary. Yet, you are expected to maintain the peace, health and cleanliness of the kingdom.

Walter Bagehot wrote prescient words about politicians thus:

They will have suggested topics which will bind the poor as a class together; topics which will excite them against the rich; topics the discussion of which in the only form in which that discussion reaches their ear will be to make them think that some new law can make them comfortable—that it is the present law which makes them uncomfortable—that Government has at its disposal an inexhaustible fund out of which it can give to those who now want without also creating elsewhere other and greater wants. If the first work of the poor voters is to try to create a “poor man’s paradise,” as poor men are apt to fancy that Paradise, and as they are apt to think they can create it, the great political trial now beginning will simply fail. The wide gift of the elective franchise will be a great calamity to the whole nation, and to those who gain it as great a calamity as to any. … English politicians are the men who fill the thoughts of the English public: they are the actors on the scene, and it is hard for the admiring spectators not to believe that the admired actor is greater than themselves.

‘Western civilisation’ in the last decades has lived in a fool’s paradise. When the ‘benefits’ were seen to be increasing, ‘bankers’ were happy because they could monetise the signature of the people. The people were happy because ‘credit’ was cheap. ‘Scientists’ were happy in the world reflected in a blissful bubble that promised unlimited ‘research funding’, potential horrible consequences notwithstanding. Defence contractors were happy because they could construct ever more elaborate doomsday machines and ‘get rich’. The politicians were happy because they could promise anything, witness First Minister Alex Salmond, who so recently promised to make Andy Murray, ‘King of Scotland’. Lawyers were happy because all real property was falling into trusts and ‘offshore corporations’ they constructed. Accountants were happy because they did not have to do any measuring and verification of the accounts. Doctors were happy because it mattered little if patients lived or silently died, suffering from toxic ‘medicines’.

And then the credit bubble did not burst. ‘Austerity’ set in. Slowly waking people up. Then in comes a Letter Rogatory … bursting bubbles of egoistic1 deception: In romantic Christian language, Satan was caught red handed with one hand in the cookie jar, bible in the other hand. Thou shalt not ‘defect’, Satan and hold the Children of Our Lord hostage in the carefully constructed Prisoner’s Dilemma of a Global Zoo, feeding us crumbs from blood stained hands.

We offer a prayer that protects:

In this Earthy World, O Lord, give me that alone that is worthy: wisdom, insight and discrimination to separate precious Truth from illusion.

We have watched Christine Lagarde, entrapped by the IMF, flourish her empty handbag. She, like yourself, is a woman in a man’s world – yet, there are no men around.

We write to you because it is going to be up to the women to free the world from the spiritually and legally idiot2 ‘men’. ‘Scientists’ still claim to ‘disbelieve3’ in the ‘virgin birth’ whilst Parliament believes it can create ‘law’ that decides what to do with ‘designer babies’ with genetic material from one or more people that grow in women who need never have had sex or be ‘married’. The life in the cell that must begin to divide, however created, must bow low and approach an Earthly Mother, attach to Her placenta, grow and be born in this world. Who else is the mother but She who provides the womb? Who else is the mother but She whose breasts engorge with milk for the newborn babe4? Take a pill to prevent breast engorgement is not an answer. Where else does the consciousness of the newborn babe come from, except the Almighty One? Whose law does the dividing cell and nourishing mother have to obey other than that of the Almighty One?

In common English, the word faith and the words blind belief are interchangeable. Two teams of philosophers, clergy, scientists and students set out to debate the relevance of religion in the 21st century at the Cambridge Union Society. Yet neither team dared to discuss the Letter to Professor Richard Dawkins that was made available to both team leaders. Will it be the same with Members of Parliament?

The people of England, Wales and Scotland and the world know that something is wrong. Freeborn Englishmen do not suffer fools gladly. The fools who paid themselves large bonuses at the banks are yet to learn that money in British banks is just as imaginary as in Cyprus. When Christ threw the money changers out of the temple of public life, did these ignorant men think that this time it would be different5?

Luke 19:45 And he went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold therein, and them that bought; 19:46 Saying unto them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Letter Rogatory to UK Parliament, line 1444:

A Quadrillion6 Dollars times zero is Zero, this is the Law of Goddess Kali7

What is true for a Quadrillion is true for any smaller or larger number.

A noteworthy sermon8 by Pope Francis, especially for an island trading nation

Politicians9 and ‘media wonks’ of an island trading nation spout on about strong borders. … Do they remember the Atlantic blockade? Do they have an infinite fount of God’s substance once the mechanism of fraudulent conversion by ‘banking’ is disabled? What ‘benefits’ are they trying to protect? Whom is the ‘service sector’ in the City of London franchise going to serve? How? - The answer returns, all the people of the Earth, by lawful trade.

The sermon of Pope Francis, Lampedusa, 8th July 2013.

Immigrants who died at sea, from that boat that, instead of being a way of hope was a way of death. This is the headline in the papers! When, a few weeks ago, I heard the news – which unfortunately has been repeated so many times – the thought always returns as a thorn in the heart that brings suffering. And then I felt that I ought to come here today to pray, to make a gesture of closeness, but also to reawaken our consciences so that what happened would not be repeated. Not repeated, please! But first I want to say a word of sincere gratitude and encouragement to you, the residents of Lampedusa and Linosa, to the associations, to the volunteers and to the security forces that have shown and continue to show attention to persons on their voyage toward something better. You are a small group, but you offer an example of solidarity! Thank you! Thanks also to Archbishop Francesco Montenegro for his help and his work, and for his pastoral closeness. I warmly greet the Mayor, Mrs Giusy Nicolini. Thank you so much for all you have done, and for all you do. I give a thought, too, to the dear Muslim immigrants that are beginning the fast of Ramadan, with best wishes for abundant spiritual fruits. The Church is near to you in the search for a more dignified life for yourselves and for your families. I say to you “O’ scia’!” [trans.: a friendly greeting in the local dialect].

This morning, in light of the Word of God that we have heard, I want to say a few words that, above all, provoke the conscience of all, pushing us to reflect and to change certain attitudes in concrete ways.

Adam, where are you?” This is the first question that God addresses to man after sin. “Where are you Adam?” Adam is disoriented and has lost his place in creation because he thought to become powerful, to dominate everything, to be God. And harmony was broken, the man erred – and this is repeated even in relations with his neighbour, who is no longer a brother to be loved, but simply someone who disturbs my life, my well-being. And God puts the second question: “Cain, where is your brother?” The dream of being powerful, of being as great as God, even of being God, leads to a chain of errors that is a chain of death, leads to shedding the blood of the brother!

These two questions resonate even today, with all their force! So many of us, even including myself, are disoriented, we are no longer attentive to the world in which we live, we don’t care, we don’t protect that which God has created for all, and we are unable to care for one another. And when this disorientation assumes worldwide dimensions, we arrive at tragedies like the one we have seen.

Where is your brother?” the voice of his blood cries even to me, God says. This is not a question addressed to others: it is a question addressed to me, to you, to each one of us. These our brothers and sisters seek to leave difficult situations in order to find a little serenity and peace, they seek a better place for themselves and for their families – but they found death. How many times to those who seek this not find understanding, do not find welcome, do not find solidarity! And their voices rise up even to God! And once more to you, the residents of Lampedusa, thank you for your solidarity! I recently heard one of these brothers. Before arriving here, he had passed through the hands of traffickers, those who exploit the poverty of others; these people for whom the poverty of others is a source of income. What they have suffered! And some have been unable to arrive!

Where is your brother?” Who is responsible for this blood? In Spanish literature there is a play by Lope de Vega that tells how the inhabitants of the city of Fuente Ovejuna killed the Governor because he was a tyrant, and did it in such a way that no one knew who had carried out the execution. And when the judge of the king asked “Who killed the Governor?” they all responded, “Fuente Ovejuna, sir.” All and no one! Even today this question comes with force: Who is responsible for the blood of these brothers and sisters? No one! We all respond this way: not me, it has nothing to do with me, there are others, certainly not me. But God asks each one of us: “Where is the blood of your brother that cries out to me?” Today no one in the world feels responsible for this; we have lost the sense of fraternal responsibility; we have fallen into the hypocritical attitude of the priest and of the servant of the altar that Jesus speaks about in the parable of the Good Samaritan: We look upon the brother half dead by the roadside, perhaps we think “poor guy,” and we continue on our way, it’s none of our business; and we feel fine with this. We feel at peace with this, we feel fine! The culture of well-being, that makes us think of ourselves, that makes us insensitive to the cries of others, that makes us live in soap bubbles10, that are beautiful but are nothing, are illusions of futility, of the transient, that brings indifference to others, that brings even the globalization of indifference. In this world of globalization we have fallen into a globalization of indifference. We are accustomed to the suffering of others, it doesn’t concern us, it’s none of our business.

The figure of the Unnamed of Manzoni returns. The globalization of indifference makes us all “unnamed,” leaders without names and without faces11.

Adam, where are you?” “Where is your brother?” These are the two questions that God puts at the beginning of the story of humanity, and that He also addresses to the men and women of our time, even to us. But I want to set before us a third question: “Who among us has wept12 for these things, and things like this?” Who has wept for the deaths of these brothers and sisters? Who has wept for the people who were on the boat? For the young mothers carrying their babies? For these men who wanted something to support their families? We are a society that has forgotten the experience of weeping, of “suffering with”: the globalization of indifference has taken from us the ability to weep! In the Gospel we have heard the cry, the plea, the great lament: “Rachel weeping for her children … because they are no more.” Herod sowed death in order to defend his own well-being, his own soap bubble. And this continues to repeat itself. Let us ask the Lord to wipe out [whatever attitude] of Herod remains in our hearts; let us ask the Lord for the grace to weep over our indifference, to weep over the cruelty in the world, in ourselves, and even in those who anonymously make socio-economic decisions that open the way to tragedies like this. “Who has wept?” Who in today’s world has wept?

O Lord, in this Liturgy, a Liturgy of repentance, we ask forgiveness for the indifference towards so many brothers and sisters, we ask forgiveness for those who are pleased with themselves, who are closed in on their own well-being in a way that leads to the anaesthesia of the heart, we ask you, Father, for forgiveness for those who with their decisions at the global level have created situations that lead to these tragedies. Forgive us, Lord!

O Lord, even today let us hear your questions: “Adam, where are you?” “Where is the blood of your brother?” Amen

The inevitable Debt Jubilee and dismantling of the ‘banker’-military complex

Walter Bagehot in The English Constitution compared the US ‘Presidential’ system to the ‘Parliamentary’ system in England in his day:

In this essay I made many remarks on the American Constitution, in comparison with the English; and as to the American Constitution we have had a whole world of experience since I first wrote13. My great object was to contrast the office of President as an executive officer and to compare it with that of a Prime Minister14; and I devoted much space to showing that in one principal respect the English system is by far the best. The English Premier being appointed by the selection, and being removable at the pleasure, of the preponderant Legislative Assembly, is sure to be able to rely on that Assembly. If he wants legislation to aid his policy he can obtain that legislation; he can carry out that policy. But the American President has no similar security. He is elected in one way, at one time, and Congress (no matter which House) is elected in another way, at another time. The two have nothing to bind them together, and in matter of fact, they continually disagree.

This was written in the time of Mr. Lincoln, when Congress, the President, and all the North were united as one man in the war against the South. There was then no patent instance of mere disunion. But between the time when the essays were first written in the Fortnightly, and their subsequent junction into a book, Mr. Lincoln was assassinated, and Mr. Johnson, the Vice-President, became President, and so continued for nearly four years. At such a time the characteristic evils of the Presidential system were shown most conspicuously. The President and the Assembly, so far from being (as it is essential to good government that they should be) on terms of close union, were not on terms of common courtesy. So far from being capable of a continuous and concerted co-operation they were all the while trying to thwart one another. He had one plan for the pacification of the South and they another; they would have nothing to say to his plans, and he vetoed their plans as long as the Constitution permitted, and when they were, in spite of him, carried, he, as far as he could (and this was very much), embarrassed them in action. The quarrel in most countries would have gone beyond the law, and come to blows; even in America, the most law-loving of countries, it went as far as possible within the law. Mr. Johnson described the most popular branch of the legislature—the House of Representatives—as a body “hanging on the verge of government”; and that House impeached him criminally, in the hope that in that way they might get rid of him civilly. Nothing could be so conclusive against the American Constitution, as a Constitution, as that incident. A hostile legislature and a hostile executive were so tied together, that the legislature tried, and tried in vain, to rid itself of the executive by accusing it of illegal practices. The legislature was so afraid of the President's legal power that it unfairly accused him of acting beyond the law15. And the blame thus cast on the American Constitution is so much praise to be given to the American political character.

Few nations, perhaps scarcely any nation, could have borne such a trial so easily and so perfectly. This was the most striking instance of disunion between the President and the Congress that has ever yet occurred, and which probably will ever occur. Probably for very many years the United States will have great and painful reason to remember that at the moment of all their history, when it was most important to them to collect and concentrate all the strength and wisdom of their policy on the pacification of the South, that policy was divided by a strife in the last degree unseemly and degrading. But it will be for a competent historian hereafter to trace out this accurately and in detail; the time is yet too recent, and I cannot pretend that I know enough to do so. I cannot venture myself to draw the full lessons from these events; I can only predict that when they are drawn, those lessons will be most important, and most interesting. There is, however, one series of events which have happened in America since the beginning of the Civil War, and since the first publication of these essays, on which I should wish to say something in detail—I mean the financial events. These lie within the scope of my peculiar studies16, and it is comparatively easy to judge of them, since whatever may be the case with refined statistical reasoning, the great results of money matters speak to and interest all mankind. And every incident in this part of American financial history exemplifies the contrast between a Parliamentary and Presidential government.

The distinguishing quality of Parliamentary government is, that in each stage of a public transaction there is a discussion; that the public assist at this discussion; that it can, through Parliament, turn out an administration which is not doing as it likes, and can put in an administration which will do as it likes. But the characteristic of a Presidential government is, in a multitude of cases, that there is no such discussion17; that when there is a discussion the fate of Government does not turn upon it, and, therefore, the people do not attend to it; that upon the whole the administration itself is pretty much doing as it likes, and neglecting as it likes, subject always to the check that it must not too much offend the mass of the nation. The nation commonly does not attend, but if by gigantic blunders you make it attend, it will remember it and turn you out when its time comes; it will show you that your power is short, and so on the instant weaken that power; it will make your present life in office unbearable and uncomfortable by the hundred modes in which a free people can, without ceasing, act upon the rulers which it elected yesterday, and will have to reject or re-elect to-morrow. In finance the most striking effect in America has, on the first view of it, certainly been good. It has enabled the Government to obtain and to keep a vast surplus of revenue over expenditure. Even before the Civil War it did this—from 1837 to 1857. Mr. Wells tells us that, strange as it may seem, "there was not a single year in which the unexpended balance in the National Treasury—derived from various sources—at the end of the year, was not in excess of the total expenditure of the preceding year; while in not a few years the unexpended balance was absolutely greater than the sum of the entire expenditure of the twelve months preceding"18. But this history before the war is nothing to what has happened since. The following are the surpluses of revenue over expenditure since the end of the Civil War:—

  Year ending June 30.           Surplus. (pounds)

  1866 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    5,593,000
  1867 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   21,586,000
  1868 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    4,242,000
  1869 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    7,418,000
  1870 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   18,627,000
  1871 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   16,712,000

No one who knows anything of the working of Parliamentary government, will for a moment imagine that any Parliament would have allowed any executive to keep a surplus19 of this magnitude. In England, after the French war, the Government of that day, which had brought it to a happy end, which had the glory of Waterloo, which was in consequence exceedingly strong, which had besides elements of strength from close boroughs and Treasury influence such as certainly no Government has ever had since, and such perhaps as no Government ever had before—that Government proposed to keep a moderate surplus and to apply it to the reduction of the debt, but even this the English Parliament would not endure. The administration with all its power derived both from good and evil had to yield20; the income tax was abolished21, with it went the surplus, and with the surplus all chance of any considerable reduction of the debt for that time. In truth taxation is so painful that in a sensitive community which has strong organs of expression and action, the maintenance of a great surplus is excessively difficult. The Opposition22 will always say that it is unnecessary, is uncalled for, is injudicious; the cry will be echoed in every constituency; there will be a series of large meetings in the great cities; even in the smaller constituencies there will mostly be smaller meetings; every member of Parliament will be pressed upon by those who elect him; upon this point there will be no distinction between town and country, the country gentleman and the farmer disliking high taxes as much as any in the towns. To maintain a great surplus by heavy taxes to pay off debt has never yet in this country been possible, and to maintain a surplus of the American magnitude would be plainly impossible.

Some part of the difference between England and America arises undoubtedly not from political causes but from economical. America is not a country sensitive to taxes; no great country has perhaps ever been so unsensitive in this respect; certainly she is far less sensitive than England. In reality America is too rich; daily industry there is too common, too skilful, and too productive, for her to care much for fiscal burdens. She is applying all the resources of science and skill and trained labour, which have been in long ages painfully acquired in old countries, to develop with great speed the richest soil and the richest mines of new countries; and the result is untold wealth. Even under a Parliamentary government such a community could and would bear taxation much more easily than Englishmen ever would.

But difference of physical character in this respect is of little moment in comparison with difference of political constitution. If America was under a Parliamentary government, she would soon be convinced that in maintaining this great surplus and in paying this high taxation she would be doing herself great harm. She is not performing a great duty, but perpetrating a great injustice23. She is injuring posterity by crippling and displacing industry, far more than she is aiding it by reducing the taxes it will have to pay. In the first place, the maintenance of the present high taxation compels the retention of many taxes which are contrary to the maxims of free-trade. Enormous customs duties are necessary, and it would be all but impossible to impose equal excise duties even if the Americans desired it. In consequence, besides what the Americans pay to the Government, they are paying a great deal to some of their own citizens, and so are rearing a set of industries24 which never ought to have existed, which are bad speculations at present because other industries would have paid better, and which may cause a great loss out of pocket hereafter when the debt is paid off and the fostering tax withdrawn. Then probably industry will return to its natural channel, the artificial trade will be first depressed, then discontinued, and the fixed capital employed in the trade will all be depreciated and much of it be worthless25. Secondly, all taxes on trade and manufacture are injurious in various ways to them. You cannot put on a great series of such duties without cramping trade in a hundred ways and without diminishing their productiveness exceedingly. America is now working in heavy fetters, and it would probably be better for her to lighten those fetters even though a generation or two should have to pay rather higher taxes. Those generations would really benefit, because they would be so much richer that the slightly increased cost of government would never be perceived. At any rate, under a Parliamentary government this doctrine would have been incessantly inculcated; a whole party would have made it their business to preach it, would have made incessant small motions in Parliament about it, which is the way to popularise their view. And in the end I do not doubt that they would have prevailed. They would have had to teach a lesson both pleasant and true, and such lessons are soon learned. On the whole, therefore, the result of the comparison is that a Presidential government makes it much easier than the Parliamentary to maintain a great surplus of income over expenditure, but that it does not give the same facility for examining whether it be good or not good to maintain a surplus, and, therefore, that it works blindly, maintaining surpluses when they do extreme harm just as much as when they are very beneficial.

In this point the contrast of Presidential with Parliamentary government is mixed; one of the defects of Parliamentary government probably is the difficulty under it of maintaining a surplus revenue to discharge debt, and this defect Presidential government escapes, though at the cost of being likely to maintain that surplus upon inexpedient occasions as well as upon expedient. But in all other respects a Parliamentary government has in finance an unmixed advantage over the Presidential in the incessant discussion. Though in one single case it produces evil as well as good, in most cases it produces good only. And three of these cases are illustrated by recent American experience. First, as Mr. Goldwin Smith—no unfavourable judge of anything American—justly said some years since, the capital error made by the United States Government was the "Legal Tender Act," as it is called, by which it made inconvertible paper notes issued by the Treasury the sole circulating medium of the country. The temptation to do this was very great, because it gave at once a great war fund when it was needed, and with no pain to any one26. If the notes of a Government supersede the metallic currency medium of a country to the extent of $80,000,000, this is equivalent to a recent loan of $80,000,000 to the Government for all purposes within the country. Whenever the precious metals are not required, and for domestic purposes in such a case they are not required, notes will buy what the Government want, and it can buy to the extent of its issue. But, like all easy expedients out of a great difficulty, it is accompanied by the greatest evils; if it had not been so, it would have been the regular device in such cases, and the difficulty would have been no difficulty at all; there would have been a known easy way out of it. As is well known, inconvertible paper issued by Government is sure to be issued in great quantities, as the American currency soon was; it is sure to be depreciated as against coin; it is sure to disturb values and to derange markets; it is certain to defraud the lender; it is certain to give the borrower more than he ought to have. In the case of America there was a further evil. Being a new country, she ought in her times of financial want to borrow of old countries; but the old countries were frightened by the probable issue of unlimited inconvertible paper, and they would not lend a shilling. Much more than the mercantile credit of America was thus lost. The great commercial houses in England are the most natural and most effectual conveyers of intelligence from other countries to Europe. If they had been financially interested in giving in a sound report as to the progress of the war, a sound report we should have had. But as the Northern States raised no loans in Lombard Street (and could raise none because of their vicious paper money), Lombard Street did not care about them, and England was very imperfectly informed of the progress of the civil struggle, and on the whole matter, which was then new and very complex, England had to judge without having her usual materials for judgement, and (since the guidance of the "City" on political matter is very quietly and imperceptibly given27) without knowing she had not those materials. Of course, this error might have been committed, and perhaps would have been committed under a Parliamentary government. But if it had, its effects would ere long have been thoroughly searched into and effectually frustrated. The whole force of the greatest inquiring machine and the greatest discussing machine which the world has ever known would have been directed to this subject. In a year or two the American public would have had it forced upon them in every form till they must have comprehended it. But under the Presidential form of government, and owing to the inferior power of generating discussion, the information given to the American people has been imperfect in the extreme. And in consequence, after nearly ten years of painful experience, they do not now understand how much they have suffered from their inconvertible currency28.

But the mode in which the Presidential government of America managed its taxation during the Civil War, is even a more striking example of its defects. Mr. Wells tells us:—

"In the outset all direct or internal taxation was avoided, there having been apparently an apprehension on the part of Congress, that inasmuch as the people had never been accustomed to it, and as all machinery for assessment and collection was wholly wanting, its adoption would create discontent, and thereby interfere with a vigorous prosecution of hostilities. Congress, therefore, confined itself at first to the enactment of measures looking to an increase of revenue from the increase of indirect taxes upon imports; and it was not until four months after the actual outbreak of hostilities that a direct tax of $20,000,000 per annum was apportioned among the States, and an income tax of 3 per cent. on the excess of all incomes over $800 was provided for; the first being made to take effect practically eight, and the second ten months after date of enactment. Such laws of course took effect, and became immediately operative in the loyal States only, and produced but comparatively little revenue; and although the range of taxation was soon extended, the whole receipts from all sources by the Government for the second year of the war, from excise, income, stamp, and all other internal taxes, were less than $42,000,000; and that, too, at a time when the expenditures were in excess $60,000,000 per month, or at the rate of over $700,000,000 per annum. And as showing how novel was this whole subject of direct and internal taxation to the people, and how completely the Government officials were lacking in all experience in respect to it, the following incident may be noted. The Secretary of the Treasury, in his report for 1863, stated that, with a view of determining his resources, he employed a very competent person, with the aid of practical men, to estimate the probable amount of revenue to be derived from each department of internal taxation for the previous year. The estimate arrived at was $85,000,000, but the actual receipts were only $37,000,000."

Now, no doubt, this might have happened under a Parliamentary government. But, then, many members of Parliament, the entire Opposition in Parliament, would have been active to unravel the matter. All the principles of finance would have been worked and propounded. The light would have come from above, not from below—it would have come from Parliament to the nation instead of from the nation to Parliament29 But exactly the reverse happened in America. Mr. Wells goes on to say:—

"The people of the loyal States were, however, more determined and in earnest in respect to this matter of taxation than were their rulers; and before long the popular discontent at the existing state of things was openly manifest. Every where the opinion was expressed that taxation in all possible forms should immediately, and to the largest extent, be made effective and imperative; and Congress spurred up, and right fully relying on public sentiment to sustain their action, at last took up the matter resolutely and in earnest, and devised and inaugurated a system of internal and direct taxation, which for its universality and peculiarities has probably no parallel in anything which has heretofore been recorded in civil history, or is likely to be experienced hereafter. The one necessity of the situation was revenue, and to obtain it speedily and in large amounts through taxation the only principle recognised—if it can be called a principle—was akin to that recommended to the traditionary Irishman on his visit to Donnybrook Fair, 'Wherever you see a head hit it'. Wherever you find an article, a product, a trade, a profession, or a source of income, tax it! And so an edict went forth to this effect, and the people cheerfully submitted. Incomes under $5,000 were taxed 5 per cent., with an exemption of $600 and house rent actually paid; these exemptions being allowed on this ground, that they represented an amount sufficient at the time to enable a small family to procure the bare necessaries of life, and thus take out from the operation of the law all those who were dependent upon each day's earnings to supply each day's needs. Incomes in excess of $5,000 and not in excess of $10,000 were taxed 2 1/2 per cent. in addition; and incomes over $10,000 5 per cent. additional, without any abeyance or exemptions whatever."

Now this is all contrary to and worse than what would have happened under a Parliamentary government. The delay to tax would not have occurred under it: the movement by the country to get taxation would never have been necessary under it. The excessive taxation accordingly imposed would not have been permitted under it. The last point I think I need not labour at length. The evils of a bad tax are quite sure to be pressed upon the ears of Parliament in season and out of season; the few persons who have to pay it are thoroughly certain to make themselves heard. The sort of taxation tried in America, that of taxing everything, and seeing what every thing would yield, could not have been tried under a Government delicately and quickly sensitive to public opinion.

I do not apologise for dwelling at length upon these points, for the subject is one of transcendent importance. The practical choice of first-rate nations is between the Presidential government and the Parliamentary; no State30 can be first-rate which has not a government by discussion, and those are the only two existing species of that government. It is between them that a nation which has to choose its government must choose. And nothing therefore can be more important than to compare the two, and to decide upon the testimony of experience, and by facts, which of them is the better.


Parliament has shown by its ‘sterling performance’ over the last 100 years that in its current form, it is rather irrelevant to the future. Let us see Members of Parliament begin to vote their conscience and the legislatures of the world return to ‘Acts of the Queen in Parliament agreed on’. The entire set of legal statutes should be comprehensible to a single living monarch and compatible with the Trust Law outlined in the King James Bible. The mark of the beast is not some modern concept that requires bar codes – the beast is Caesar who insists in controlling the money, evidenced in the coins of history.

The entire raison d’être of the long range financial war is dissolution of the Bank of England. As we wrote in our Letter to Professor Dawkins, gold signals the tit for tat in the long range war and games of prisoner’s dilemma. William and Mary, who granted the charter of the Bank of England are worshipped by lawyers as the embodiment of the supremacy of Parliament over the King of England. Have a look at this 1703 engraving, pictured on the right, found on wikipedia – do you see William and Mary in the eye sockets of a skull?

The monopoly of money is to be removed from Caesar forever and Caesar and his weapons dismantled.

The Global Standard is designed to support a free economy with multiple issuers of various good substances, gold being one of them. The free people of the Global Isles shall ‘vote’ with every transaction on what they choose to trade and use – litres of petrol, milk, bushels of wheat, bytes of data, kilowatt hours of electricity, coal, gold, silver and so on. This is the solution to cut out of the equation, bankers and other irrational people (one cannot reason with a legal idiot, they believe their own fantasy and cannot construct anything from first principles).

To operate a kingdom based on deliverable contracts for goods is constructed from first principles – it is obviously lawful, such trade and travel cannot be forbidden or granted by a legislature of a free people’s representatives or a Christian king.

The most urgent need for the Home Department is keeping track of contracts for substance and services with the quick ability to redirect those resources and to create the mechanics of how to claim them. Markets for free people work most efficiently when the substance that functions as money is anonymous – like a gold coin: possession is ownership.

The futility of the ration card and social security systems post WWII, modelled on command and control systems designed for war: create a war like situation of scarcity in peace time. The fear of retribution and an ‘audit’ stifle the market to the point of death. Committee approved school lunches pale before the choice in a restaurant. The super-regulation of ‘tickets’ to travel by plane has just put the cost up for the common man and transformed airports into cattle control systems.

Passengers are treated as legal cattle since their primary status as ‘infants’ under the Uniform Commercial Code makes them ‘sheep’ dependent on their banking ‘masters’. This ‘sheep’ status includes all Members of Parliament.

Hence, the passport is the equivalent of a sheep tag - the mechanism of a slaughterhouse.

The golden thread of the Law

Pope Francis wrote31 to the British Prime Minister ahead of the G8 meeting thus:

The actions included on the agenda of the British G8 Presidency, which point towards law as the golden thread of development – as well as the consequent commitments to deal with tax avoidance32 and to ensure transparency and responsibility on the part of governments – are measures that indicate the deep ethical roots of these problems, since, as my predecessor Benedict XVI made clear, the present global crisis shows that ethics is not something external to the economy, but is an integral and unavoidable element of economic thought and action. … Moreover, the goal of economics and politics is to serve humanity, beginning with the poorest and most vulnerable wherever they may be, even in their mothers’ wombs.

The question we have is, did the Prime Minister get the message across to the G8 actors? The law is graded into law, statutes and codes. Our English law comes from Jesus Christ: the entire system of higher thought that marks man out as rational beyond survival of the fittest can be unpacked from the Law of Christ, “My Father and I are One”.

The most important parables regarding Trust Law, constitutional law and civil law being Luke 19: Usury is tyranny, do not give money to tyrants, trustees of money shall not lend the coin so placed in trust and Luke 20: Parable of the Vineyard: servants in charge of a vineyard (as a metaphor for kingdom) – the concept ‘Government Servant’ comes from it, the servants are there to serve the king and his people, instead of stealing the Power of the owner (king). This inflicts tyranny on the owner (king), his people and their posterity.

Unpacked further, if the liberty and property rights of Her Majesty The Queen are not secure, no one’s liberty and property rights are secure.

It is the English who expanded this further and created the converse: Brutum Fulmen: The command of the king is not an order to his subject (one of his people), for the power of The Sovereign can result in tyranny for those below him. Example: Henry VIII, UK Parliament since 1911 – see The New Despotism. A traditional Parliament has the King-plaintiff and Parliament as jury on behalf of all sections of society: Spiritual and Temporal Lords and the common people.

The very concept of a Court of Record is based on the separation of the tribunal (either Plaintiff or the Jury) from the magistrate (the umpire to make sure the rules of Common Law are followed). A unicameral legislature is a tyrant.

The Christian constitution of Europe is a system of nested trusts. The Pope is The Sovereign of The World who appears to have unlimited power, however his Power is limited by terms and conditions imposed by Christ as testified in the bible – see above explanation of Luke 19 & 20.

The reason-principle of fiduciary responsibility when contemplated from the point of view of The Sovereign is majestic and humbling at the same time. Looking after the people ‘for all time’ becomes an act of Love. See enclosed letter to Pope Francis on the meaning of the word love in that context. Rome, England and the world need Motherly Love.

History as threads of karma

Lord Maynard Keynes wrote about Europe: “If the European Civil War is to end with France and Italy abusing their momentary victorious power to destroy Germany and Austria-Hungary now prostrate, they invite their own destruction also, being so deeply and inextricably intertwined with their victims by hidden psychic and economic bonds.” …

When we remove the ‘nation-state’ brand name rose-tinted glasses, we find that the men and women of the British Isles are bound to the men and women of this Earth by threads of hidden psychic and economic karma.

The Jesuit priest, Henry Garnet, accused of equivocation was hung drawn and quartered on 3rd May 1606 for his role in the Gunpowder Plot. A ceremonial search is done for every State Opening of Parliament. Politicians participating in debates today are scarcely aware that, thanks to the Paris Peace Treaty of 1919, getting to the heart of the discussion involves peeling the layers of equivocation away. Karma shows us that vicious Force cannot overcome Power.

Historical threads of karma can been seen in Truth that has been washing the shores of Christian Europe from India since pre-Christian times, for example, by Alexander the Great. It is believed by some that Jesus visited and travelled across India. The Portuguese discovered that Apostle Thomas had established Christian communities when they got there. These threads of karma establish oneness to an otherwise fractious history.

The overpowering presence of the proceeds of fraudulent conversion in Europe and America blind us to the historical threads of karma. Sovereign decisions, in the end, are made by such knowledge, not just blind text book history of battles.

A recent thread of karma is that Paul Brunton travelled to India, Egypt and the world and returned an illumined man. He left us true treasure – a veritable how-to of living in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is certain that his writings will prove of more value to the men and women of the British Isles and the Earth than ‘all the gold in the world’. Can anyone put a value on an abundance of life and peace?

Life without the Federal Reserve and the IMF

The Chicago Plan Revisited, recently published by the IMF33 does not touch the main problem: fraudulent conversion by banking. It seems that the authors have no idea about history of the Rule of Law, or who their real ‘boss’ is. Mathematical analysis cannot justify the Uniform Commercial Code war against the people. The report fails some basic tests, for example, it does not define the unit of account – what is the delivered substance? Second, it fails to address fraudulent conversion by banking. Third, it fails to address UCC ‘mirror reflection’.

On page 26, there is this amusing sentence: “Manufacturers, entrepreneurs and bankers enter their occupations for random lengths of time, after which they revert to being workers”. ‘Bankers’ shall permanently revert to being workers. An equitable solution to the problem created by UCC ‘mirror reflection’ requires analysis to identify working accounts that have ‘money of account borrowed from the people’. Void contracts must be replaced by exchange of substance for substance, i.e., bills of exchange. Markets in bills of exchange enable the price discovery mechanism to efficiently allow multiple producers to compete.

To issue bills of exchange, we invite qualified ‘lords temporal’, the producers of the world. Their working capital has already been funded by the people (Children of Our Lord).

Going beyond Wikileaks

Ghate ghate, parasam ghate, bodhi swaha … : Gone, gone, gone beyond. Utterly beyond. Emptiness is form, form is emptiness, this is the Diamond Sutra.

Wikileaks is but a litany of human failing: how the people that run the temple of Caesar (State), worship Satan (their own egos), steal from the Children of Our Lord (common people) by fraudulent conversion and perpetrate atrocities. There is nothing either Wikileaks, the NSA or the Government of Caesar can do to hide the truth or prevent God’s justice from reaching the men and women involved. Life can be long!

Pope Francis34: “The Lord takes his time. But even he, in this relationship with us, has a lot of patience,” preached the Bishop of Rome at the chapel of the Vatican’s Saint Martha House. “Not only do we have to have patience: He has. He waits for us.” … “And he waits for us until the end of life. Think of the good thief – right at the end, at the very end, he acknowledged God.”

We can explain what we need to know about how mankind got to where we got to and how to safely get the world out of the clutches of the legal idiots who think they run it. How quickly and easily their grasp will be released depends on the wishes of people involved, especially yourself:

Luke 17:3 Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

17:4 And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

The key word in the above biblical quote is repent. To repent, those involved must be conscious of what they have done and ready to make amends.

The Lord is Ananta, the endless one, He is infinite duration of time. The Lord is also symbolised by the thunderbolt, capable of instantaneous, sudden action. In the Intellectual Principle of Man, a woman is a symbol of time: patient, knowing when to do what, instantly changeable. It is with this in mind that we have placed these duties in your hands. Let us not wait forever, O Mother, make your wishes known!

The essence of Wikileaks is fraudulent conversion by the banks.

From the Affidavit of Walker Todd35, Attorney for the Federal Reserve regarding a Plaintiff bank against a defendant, a defaulting mortgagee:

Plaintiff recorded the Note or credit application as a loan (money of account) from the Defendants to the Plaintiff and that the Plaintiff then became the borrower of an equivalent amount of money of account from the Defendants.” … Defendants are the true lenders and the Plaintiff is the true borrower.

The banks loaned no thing or ‘emptiness36’ to the borrower, ergo, the borrower owes no thing37. The form of money goes forth to do battle in the ‘war against poverty38, commerce. In the Tony Blair ‘good time’ days of ‘New Labour’, the banks in the UK extended a lot of credit, borrowing the money of account from the people. As Cyprus has demonstrated, it is impossible for the banks or formal nation states to repay. What the banks do is called ‘fraudulent conversion’.39

The fact of the matter is that oil suppliers, for example Gazprom in Russia, has sold oil to Europeans ‘for no thing’. The United States and Europe, the United Kingdom included, is materially and spiritually bankrupt to Russia, Africa, etc., … bankrupt to the North, South, East and West. The situation is the same as it was in the days of Caesar, ‘stuff’ comes to the Roman Empire purely out of fear of retribution and ignorance of the fraudulent conversion involved, most people are innocent of the difference between money (gold), legal tender (printed cash) and bank account currency (pure imagination created by retail borrowers and forex traders).

The other fact of the matter is, with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, fifteen trillion dollars was created from thin air with ‘United Nations’ legal exemptions40 and injected into RBS to prevent a complete collapse, followed by Medium Term Note (MTN) trading to absorb it, creating ‘austerity’. MTN traders believe they are ‘getting rich’!

Bubble, bubble41 on the wall, who is the richest trader of all?

The newest fact of the matter is that this type of complete collapse was prevented again as recently as this February/March, witness the Baltic Dry Index.

Arresting bankers will scarcely help. One cannot get blood from a stone. Most of them are ignorant of what they do. They can offer to become servants rather than tyrants – of the people they routinely pillaged resources from – in Africa, etc.

The most difficult thing for post-communist USSR apparatchiks was to be seen stripped of their power and to then function as normal people do, with the people they once repressed.

There is no instant ‘gold standard’ fix either – the west has no real markets – only virtual reality games in the forex and MTN markets. There are Herod worshipping tyrants who think they can start a war or great depression, blackmail and force the world onto a gold standard and steal all the gold and productive assets. Stock markets are rising leaving the clue that productive assets are being mopped up at any price – in imaginary money.

Useful Questions and facts

It is said that of ancient days, the king’s dispensing power42 and secrets escaped to those ‘spiritual’ advisers. This is the power vested in ministers of rank Secretary of State. The Crown is the trustee of the United Nations. The formal corporate nations which includes the United States are under the UN. This means that you have all the power you need on an ‘as-is’ basis to use the system.

Bills of Exchange are created by two people accepting the ‘value’ of goods or services. ‘As-is’, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has no power to require consideration. Whilst the banking system runs on an ‘as-is’ basis, you have the power to accept ‘for value’ Bills of Exchange, for example, from Town Councils to maintain their infrastructure.

This means that, ‘as-is’, you don’t have to wait for the Treasury department. They think they are selling ‘100 year bonds’ because ‘Great Britain’ is so ‘credit worthy’. What kind of ‘pounds’ are they selling the bonds for? Do they have ‘special’ pounds which can be cashed out as British Sovereigns (gold) and spent by the government? Wait a minute – not all pounds are created equal. There is a thought for the Home Secretary to investigate.

It is the creation and destruction of credit by the banks that powers the fraudulent conversion, together with the forex and MTN games and the ‘development credit’ that is extended to ‘foreign countries’, where such countries upon acceptance have assumed an impossible liability – and revealed that they know nothing about law and money. The Letter Rogatory to Timothy Geithner contains further details – the information is applicable to all ‘national currencies’. You are granted Power by this Court of Record to seize43 all circulating bank liabilities on behalf of our plaintiffs, All the Children of Our Lord, in-rem, as-if they are things and to forbid the creation and destruction of bank money of account in any ‘country’ in the ‘United Nations’.

What ‘seize bank liabilities in-rem’ means in common English, is that the common people treat a bank account as if it contained ‘so many pounds’ - to seize the bank in-rem is to operate the ‘bank’ as-if it contained ‘so many pounds’, allowing only the circulation of the existing current accounts without creating or destroying the pounds. The bank is forbidden from creating money by deposit of a ‘credit application’ and forbidden to extract interest. It serves only as a settlement system – until dismantled. Since this happens with a debt jubilee, there won’t be any ‘loan payments’ to destroy. There are certain to be disruptions in trade as the complex ‘dividend distribution’ by extension of credit is disrupted. The solution is not to re-start the vampire-bat mechanism of modern banking, but to bypass it totally by inviting suppliers of goods to ‘back’ the tokens with contracts denominated in the substances they supply. This transition can happen very quickly if the qualified ‘temporal lords’ that are these producers come to the settlement.

In 1714, in the time of Sir Isaac Newton, Queen Anne put the office of Lord High Treasurer into Commission under the Great Seal. The 3x100 year anniversary is coming up and this Commission under the Great Seal naturally dissolves at the debt jubilee.

At the 1812 Treaty of Ghent44, the war between ‘Great Britain’ and the ‘United States of America trust’ resulted in a status quo ante bellum peace, as it was before the war began – the war started by King Henry VIII with the Bishop of Rome.

In 1871, the trust called United States of America was replaced by a corporation of the same name granted by a foreign sovereign. The question is, ‘Which Sovereign?’.

The ‘United States Congress’ ‘assumed the debt of Latin America’. Photo copies of one old ‘bond’ has been used as ‘good gold collateral’ (together with the compound interest). This is a feature in the financial war of the last few decades45.

The Chinese emperors were defeated by the opium trade which resulted in the Boxer rebellion46 – their gold went into trust and has appeared in Indonesia47.

The Tsar of Russia invested much of his gold with Great Britain.

The Russian communist revolution and the modernisation of Japan was done by financiers out of New York48.

The USSR war machine was funded (partly) by military equipment, for example, sent by the Arctic convoys49.

The USSR was collapsed by a financial war run by one Leo Wanta – the reports of Christopher Story, FRSA cover the drama, including recent London Lock Box raids50.

Christopher Story, FRSA covered the paedophilia racket51. These archives are provided ‘as-is’, so questions can be asked that result in action to dissolve the corporate EU and US.

The United States militarily defeated all treasonous kings of Europe (and their financiers) plus Japan, the resulting gold is/was in the Philippines, the cause of much naval tension today.

The long suffering people of America had their farms stolen from them during the Great Depression by fraudulent conversion. There are pending farm claims. The claims must be settled in substance – farm land. Proposals exist, we have heard, the basic premise of which is a lot of ‘money’ printed from thin air – these are void ab initio, void from the start. The legal test of running of limitations can be applied to sort the legally idiotic ideas from those that work.

All real estate – worldwide – are held in admiralty under ‘certificate of title’, the land ‘rented’ out under ‘property/council tax’ schemes with ‘distress warrant’, beat-them-up justice. Even ‘fully paid up’ real estate owners have no chance that they can retain their property as they grow old, since the fraudulent conversion of their neighbours properties by banks make it impossible for them to keep up with the ‘property/council tax’. A claim of right is made on behalf of the Children of Our Lord, the present occupants of the real estate – regardless of the outstanding mortgage – the mortgage is void. This is part of the settlement of the Debt Jubilee – real title in fee simple to land and real estate.

“The laws of Congress in respect to those matters do not extend into the territorial limits of the states, but have force only in the District of Columbia52, and other places that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the national government.” Caha v. U.S., 142 U.S., at 215 (1894). The consequence is that officers and employees of the United States are ‘foreign citizens’ when they set foot on American soil. The corporate US State governments are sub-corporations created under the federal corporation. Some of the ‘agencies’, like the IRS are composed of multiple foreign corporations.

This is meant as a broad-brush painting. There are missing strokes and detail, for example, the oldest treaty in effect, the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance signed in 1373, ratified in 1386 as the Treaty of Windsor, has implications for infrastructure, resources and the former Portuguese colonies (e.g., Brazil). The presence of the treaty is visible in world infrastructure, for example, the fibre optic undersea cable map53.

The above financial history is split into the real-books denominated in gold and choses-in-action denominated in US dollars, further split by legal tender cash (defined in the Gold Reserve Act, 1934), US Treasury liabilities and bank liabilities of various grades to pay cash. The books of the Exchange Stabilisation Fund (ESF) fronted by the IMF together with the retail banks and multiple foreign currencies, all created by retail fraudulent conversion, run the planet, together with a ‘forex marketplace’ which operates with ‘100:1 leverage’.

The Sovereign retains jurisdiction through ‘offshore’ countries. The Brutum Fulmen or empty threat of FINMA/FINCEN/FSA/SEC ‘regulators’ to create ‘tax harmonisation’ are just bureaucrats trying to keep their careers and life the same in the next hundred years – they have no substantial power, “no teeth”. The question becomes, who has the keys? who has the real books? What is the real history behind the treaties and formal corporations? Who are the significant pivotal figures of money and law, who are hidden in the din and gore of the history of war?

In other words, when doing research, one must keep in mind that the mighty armies and navies are the result of the redirection of much resource and often the real events that result in the hot war have happened years or decades before, often as a result of seemingly insignificant people who may have had nothing more than words to say54.

In parallel, the United States stock markets, which are all electronic, require the paper stock certificates to be held by a central repository for settlement purposes, all private ownership is merely a retail accounting of the master certificates held in trust under admiralty by CEDE55 & CO, 55 Water Street, New York, New York. Every ‘Public Limited’ corporation, means what it says, their liabilities are limited by the public at large. A corporation is basically a caretaker for the business of The Sovereign, on behalf of the people. Their ‘cash balance’ at the bank is the extent of their current liability to the people – we must keep in mind that ‘mirror reflection’ is caused by UCC balance sheets: a bank current account ‘cash balance’, nominally an asset (for legal infants), is a liability in real terms. The question becomes, how are these companies to be transformed into dividend paying companies? It is a truth that cross ownership of private property creates peace. It is also true that the central control of resources has huge problems. Thus, how do concepts like episcopal polity, distributed ownership and stewardship affect the future of these companies?

The dividends must be in real goods and services that go back to the people – not just the shareholders – the split must be equitable. A dividend based society is not underpinned by debt. There is no need for debt or ‘banks’. We must act on behalf of all the people of the world. A debt free economy based on goods is not against anyone’s interests.

The Almighty One owns The Church – even with normal ‘materialistic, admiralty’ law, this is to say that The Church is owned by all the people, who have paid for it with their blood and gold. The wealth of the world, the goods generated by man from nature, are the goods to be traded in real markets and the dividend to be distributed to all the people.

Post 2008, the ‘banking’ system has functioned as a terribly inefficient dividend distribution system, infested with obstructionist parasites who think they are God. In the meanderings of a large river, large loops get short circuited and made irrelevant. The banks have no substance. Their only claim to power is delay, for “delay is the deadliest form of denial”.

Do we live by the Law of Christ, acting in the now, or do we live by Parkinson’s Law of Delay56?

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

“If there is a way to delay an important decision, the good bureaucracy, public or private, will find it.”

What the formal CEOs and Board of Directors may not realise is that they are just trustees for a functioning economy. Some of them, shocked by the power and intensity of the 2008 crash in the Earnings of the companies, are likely amenable to reason. The question becomes are there enough qualified trustees who can serve God, Her Majesty The Queen and the people?

There are already groups that claim to be in charge of trustees that will result in ‘deliveries’ of money to the people, ‘backed by gold’. The question there is who is fronting what agenda, are they just holding choses-in-action from financial war programs that were meant to separate out the underling ‘cash’ from the people who played these questionable games?

The answers will clarify the decisions that the Home Secretary of State, the Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Kingdom of the Commonwealth of Nations must take.

The President of the United States is not in charge of the United States – his job appears to be to fly around in important looking jets and cars and confound the legal idiots looking for a ‘birth certificate’.57 The Secretary of the Treasury is in charge per the Gold Reserve Act, 1934.

A military analysis is beyond the scope of this document. In short, it appears that the military dangers from highly organised crime (read banks / nation states) are contained or in check. The question, “who has the cryptographic keys?”, is applicable.

Grant of Power

By this Letter Rogatory, on behalf of our American plaintiffs and on behalf of the Children of Our Lord worldwide in this Court of Record, we ordain that the Secretary of the Treasury, United States report to the living woman known as Theresa Mary May née Brasier in London, to whom we have created and granted the title, Housekeeper58 of Her Majesty’s Kingdom of the Commonwealth of Nations with Authority over the Office of Redemption created by our Letter Rogatory to “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s”59 with all the rights and privileges appertaining to thereof.

Thus shall the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ come to the Children of Our Lord, freeing them from tyrants, always acting now and without delay to bring the bounty of Mother Mary to us all, in humble solidarity with One, Life, Christ, the Intellectual Principle of Man.

What is a Debt Jubilee?

Pope Francis: We cannot be adolescents forever.

The boys have been playing ‘bank’ and are now getting into serious arguments over their imaginary money. It is time to replace ‘tribal corporate religion’ with the Law of Christ.

In other words, accountants stop counting imaginary beans and start counting real ones, i.e., goods, lawyers stop creating artificial dead ‘persons’ … who are contacted at a ‘seance’, known in the vernacular as a ‘board’ meeting. The men and women who worship at these ‘multinational corporations’ are shepherded by a ‘Director’ who marches figures around the book and important decisions about dead ideas are made by the Chief Executive Officer (the executioner)60. With a debt jubilee, ‘post-literate and retribalized’ humans can enjoy ‘culture’.

The TV generation is post-literate and retribalized. It seeks by violence to scrub the old private image and to merge in a new tribal identity, like any corporate executive.

The twentieth century encounter between alphabetic and electronic forces of culture confers on the printed word a crucial role in staying the return to “the Africa” within.

We are swiftly moving at present from an era where business was our culture into an era when culture will be our business. Between these poles stand the huge and ambiguous entertainment industries.
Quotes from Marshall McLuhan

The humour of the old English lawyers who created the language of the modern corporate tribal religion is catching. It eases the burden of absurdity to recall the humour epitomised in the TV series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.

Motherly Love and Action

A series of books and a musical Mary Poppins, which in romantic terms comprehensible to the children of that era who are now grown up, covers the dismantling of the ‘cage of banking’, freeing family life from debt slavery and feeding the dove of peace and life in abundance.

Mary Poppins on banking: “A thousand ciphers neatly in a row.”

As Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations, on behalf of the Children of Our Lord, Theresa Mary May is granted the plenitude of substantial power including the catalytic power to arrest and detain, with due process of a jury trial, those who have offended the Law of Christ, as witnessed in Luke 17:1It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”; to supply sustenance and take appropriate action where it is needed across God’s Earth, by the Common Law of Our Lord Jesus Christ who settled the Law of the Bishop of Rome and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

We ordain that all authorities are to “make straight the way of the Lord62, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His representative on Earth, the Bishop of Rome, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Lord High Admiral, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

The motherly sustenance that the earth provides continues, all the scarcity propaganda from banker promoted institutions notwithstanding – fear them not. Peel away the layers of hypocrisy in Church, government, science and media, put in an accounting system that tracks real goods, create markets in goods accessible by mobile phones and the motherly cornucopia of abundance will melt away all fear and hatred.

Thus shall the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ come to the Children of Our Lord, freeing us from tyrants, always acting now and without delay to bring the bounty of Mother Mary to us all, forgiving all of us our debts to give all of us, joy in full. (Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:9-13).

We pray that the Immaculate Virgin Mary grant us, Her children and Theresa Mary May, Housekeeper of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, love that is fearless, to “make straight the way of the Lord” and bring us the blessings of the One Christ World Debt Jubilee on the 15th of August 2013.

“For thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness”63.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson

GICOR-ref: Theresa-Mary-May/1-v1.3 ‘Letter Rogatory to the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom’


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Pope Francis

HRH Prince Charles Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

HRH Prince William

Lord Archbishop of Canterbury

Members of Parliament Internet (general public)

1The romantic Christian word for egoistic is ‘Satanic’.

2A legal idiot is someone with whom one cannot have a rational conversation at any time. A lunatic is rational on some days of the month – lunatic comes from the root luna, the moon.

By 1835 the laws regarding idiots, lunatics, fem coverts and infants were ‘consolidated’. See The Law-dictionary, Explaining the Rise, Progress and Present State of British Law … 1835 by Sir Thomas Edlyne Tomlins. “Rent a womb”. Virgin Mary for rent!

4From above article: Sonal, 26, has just given birth to a child she will never see. “They took away the baby as soon as she was born,” she says. “I was unconscious when she was born so I didn't even see her. When I woke up, I asked my mother what had happened, she told me it was a girl.”

5Ramakrishna Paramahansa circa 1881: In the course of the conversation he said to Keshab: “Well, Keshab, I understand that your Calcutta babus say that God does not exist. Is that true? A Calcutta babu wants to climb the stairs. He takes one step, but before taking the next he cries out: ‘Oh, my side! My side!’ and drops down unconscious. His relatives raise a hue and cry and send for a doctor; but before the doctor arrives the man is very likely dead. And people of such stamina say, ‘There is no God’!”
Hansard 16 Feb 2012 : Column 1018, 5:30pm
Lord Lea of Crondall:
My Lords, I am quite happy to believe everything that the noble Lord, Lord James of Blackheath, has said. I will be very disappointed if the noble Lord, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, is unable to explain how this is all a conspiracy by Brussels. Will the Minister confirm that if you want to buy up the whole world you need a quadrillion? That is the latest figure.

7Kali means zero, empty, void. Kali is also the mystery of time and death. Kali is personified as a Goddess.

9In this case, the idiocy is ignorance puffed up by political grand standing, prompted by ‘remote-control’ operators unknown, inflamed by financial ignorance regarding money and economics and spurred on by the relentless whip of ‘banking’. Let us not forget ignorance of language, customs and history which have almost destroyed good manners and etiquette. Who forgot the Law of Christ?
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

10The treasury of US/UK/EU is as empty as a soap bubble in Sir Alan Greenspan’s bathtub.

11Our Father In Heaven is nameless, formless and faceless – the Intellectual Principle of Man. In a word: Allah”.
Paul Brunton: “He may be one of the fortunate ones who can call down upon themselves the workings of Grace. When he feels the urge to weep for no apparent reason he should not resist, as it is a sign of the working of Grace upon him. The more he yields to this urge the more quickly will he progress. This is an important manifestation although its inner significance will not be understood by the materialistic world.”

Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Sunday, 1st March 1885: “I used to weep and pray to the Divine Mother saying: ‘O Mother, one man says it is this, while another says it is that. Do Thou tell me, O Mother, what is the truth.’”

13Bagehot did not know that methods of “historical and literary justice” were in effect and that in 1871 a silent change came over the ‘United States of America’, it became a corporate name in business.

14Today, the Prime Minister, for the most part, is the executive ‘CEO/President’ of UK PLC.

15Caesar is seen to be manifest. The legislature is seen to be impotent.

16We bring you the result of our peculiar studies.

17This criticism is equally valid for the episcopal/Presbyterian model of the Church. The Church has been deaf to the Word of God that has been announced repeatedly by Apostles trained and sent by the Almighty One in the last two hundred years. The Church worshipped Mammon and “wounds” - they got what they asked for. Now grace is come to heal the wounds in the Idea of Man and to provide Motherly sustenance and teaching to manifest peace and life in abundance.

18Discerning readers will have noted that it was well known by 1872 that the “USA Republic” was the greatest gold extraction machine from the common man, ever built. We must remind ourselves that 1870 was the ‘Roman Question’ in Europe. Republics just do not survive, they die because the common man is ‘done in’ without a King to protect him – this is the testament of the recorded history available – both from ancient Rome and from ancient India. The other curious fact is that the English Queen still protects her English speaking subjects in America. The King James Bible and the 1688 Bill of Rights do not exempt Her Majesty from the responsibility when legal idiots declare ‘independence’. Going further back, to the origin of the idea of constitutional governance, the “Vineyard of the Lord”, it can be shown that the Bishop of Rome is similarly bound by his duty to prevent the rise of a great Caesar. With this context, see Treaty of Ghent.

19A ‘surplus’ on a gold standard is the equivalent of a ‘deficit’ in today’s inverted logic.

20Given the Rule of Law it logically the same today. A Republic has no mechanism to restore peace which means to withdraw the fostering tax – the failure results in a subtle and terrible evil that enters the world. The wound of the fostering tax that must be withdrawn is festering: ‘banking’.

21A proper Parliament would come to the logical conclusion: a Debt Jubilee. There are no enemies, just brothers in Christ: America, Russia, France, Germany, China, Japan, India … Israel, Arabia, Africa and Latin America – all affected by fraudulent conversion, with the G8 powers the most indebted in real terms to the poor of the world from whom they have stolen to rebuild after five centuries of fratricidal war. All of us must become conscious of who and what we are, repent and serve the Intellectual Principle of Man, Our Father in Heaven, Christ, Allah, Krishna, Buddha - who is manifest in all men and women of the world – even in the historical tyrants who the philosophical Indians see as God made manifest as Destroyer, Rudra. Yahweh or Jehovah if you rather, see ‘conception of God as highest ideal’ in Swami Vivekananda’s essay, Triangle of Love.

22There is no ‘Opposition’ in today’s formal political theatre, just three stripes of the same colour. The sequence outlined by Bagehot is logical: “there will be a series of … meetings … no distinction between town and country … ”. The ‘opposition’ will be the legal idiots who run the corporate courts, banks and MI5 – who have implemented the Nazi party call for people to spy on other people and report it to them! The stupidity of such a policy can be seen in the BBC documentaries on Hitler’s rise to power where those who told on their neighbours are interviewed many years later.

23The same can be said of the high rate of taxation by currency depreciation: all gone over a hundred years: ‘sterling performance’.

24The banker-military-industrial-spook-priest complex, the ‘protection racket’, which believes that Caesar is smarter than Christ. Their budget has been withdrawn, see US aircraft carriers unable to refuel.

25The fixed capital employed in the banker-military-industrial-spook-priest complex is completely useless to life. The bulk of the population of the world lives in ‘cheap warehouses for human souls’: cities grow as humans cluster around the material proceeds of fraudulent conversion, witness the banks in the ‘prime real estate’. The population of the world lives in a “just-in-time disposable ‘civilisation’”. Some people have an interest in the ‘self organising system’ of Indian rubbish dumps; in this Court we have an interest in the West’s spiritual rubbish dumps: Is there life there? Has it been condemned by its own actions? - Witness spiritual idiots, walking Egyptian mummies who construct seed vaults to survive doomsday, as laughably absurd as the items buried for the use of the Pharaohs in their next life. Can ‘western civilisation’ self organise into a ‘Civilisation of Life’ on Earth? “It would be a good idea” - Mahatma Gandhi.

26The greatest act of evil: Print money (counterfeit) and then kill people. American ‘Common Law’ became Roman Caesar’s law. The coin/notes of Caesar, once again the ‘remote controlled’ Mark of the Beast.

27This time, the City hosted the Olympics where the fact that they know was on the triangular floodlights of the event. The history of the world was portrayed for all to learn, the next Olympics is to be in Brazil, a former Portuguese colony – see mention of the Treaty of Windsor, further into this letter.

28Hardly anyone understands the total suffering caused by that experiment. “Who has wept for Her children?”.

29In our present era, we have waited for Parliament to speak ‘from above’. Instead we see that the written constitution has been scuttled, that they are blind to the financial war and they have already destroyed the union of Scotland with England and Wales. No referendum is necessary, Scotland is ‘independent’, if recent ‘Acts of Parliament’ are to be taken seriously - not. A greater world historical correction is under way and it is beyond the power of the corporate Parliament or the secret controllers and spooks to stop it.
“A society which has built its life on the material will sooner or later be deceived by the gods in whose hands it has put itself. That’s what we did.” Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, quoted in the Telegraph, 12 July 2013. … The Archbishop recently visited the new Pope, Francis, and was thrilled. “I think he is extraordinary. Unpredictable. He’s not John XXIII or anyone else. He’s Francis. He has deep humility and a consciousness of the complexity of things. He has Ignatian and Franciscan spirituality.”

It is spirituality that the two men share, and it is overcoming the divisions of 500 years: “One of the most exciting trends in western Christianity is that the Spirit of God is drawing Christians together.”

Where will his discussions with the Pope lead? “I haven’t a clue,” he says, disarmingly. He thinks that the ordination of women bishops, though he vigorously supports it, is the biggest obstacle to unity with Rome, but he also believes that both Churches now accept that they must “walk together’’. Besides, “Rome is semper eadem [always the same], but infinitely flexible when it needs to be.”

30Or Church. The following truth must be made one’s own and the proper changes made:

A Church of Christ has the further responsibility that the Priest cannot pretend to know God. Standing in front of the people and preaching to them words the Priest and the flock do not understand leads to great errors, creating a hypnotised population antagonistic to anyone who does not look and think like them. As Pope Francis has said, “[we are] not to forget we are clay vases and be tempted to beautify the vase”.

How many priests in the Catholic Church [witness Cardinal Pell on Australian TV] can outline the three possible schools of philosophy?

Worship of a stone statue is not idol worship, the stone is just a symbol, just like the letters in the book they read and preach from, pointing towards the divine nature of the Mind in which we live move and have our being; That in which consciousness arises. Idol worship is the worship of and obedience tothe servant of the altar’, to quote Pope Francis, speaking dead words: unaware of the Life of Christ/Mind. However, we must not forget, first that God lives in all, including those who are ‘servants of the altar / idol worshippers’; second, that rituals transmit symbolic meaning across ages. Examples of today’s idols are bank accounts, corporations, passports, capitalism, socialism, etc., which are virtual reality disguises for Caesar, the tyrant.

A ‘servant of the altar’ is a politician. The word politician comes from the word polity, the polity parties are Episcopal, Presbyterian, Mohammedan, Jewish, Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Corporate, etc., none having a special short cut to God, which is a word for Mind/Love. The process of preaching is the same, the same great errors, including that of hypnosis and hatred for the other flock, a Roman meme, naturally arise.

Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Matthew 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

John 14:10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

Matthew 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

As Mahatma Gandhi, who did the Lord’s work, pointed out, no one can give their allegiance to such ‘leaders’ and/or pay taxes to them.

What spiritual merit have religions created in the last two decades? All we hear about is the child abuse, children kidnapped and raped … newborn children taken from their mothers who were told they were stillborn. Examples:

The most effective millstone (Luke 17:1, Letter Rogatory line 1390) for such people from Church and State is to be removed publicly, unless they repent and serve the people they harmed by their own choice. …


“Francis’ speech at Lampedusa was an encyclical on his pontificate,” says Italian historian

Italian Church historian Alberto Meloni says not many realised it but the homily Pope Francis gave during his visit to the Italian island of Lampedusa sounded like the opening speech to a Council …

Professor Melloni added it would be wrong to focus solely on the problem of immigration: “The Church is penitent before the Lord. The Pope is aware that there are entities in everyday life that preach the Gospel to the Church itself. This is the conciliar doctrine of the “signs of the times”, in other words things which communicate the Gospel to us. I personally believe the speech in Lampedusa was like an encyclical encapsulating Francis’ pontificate.”

We must solve the tragedy of the next few decades, malicious release of nuclear, chemical and biological toxins.

32Tax avoidance is legal. The treasury is as empty as a bubble in Sir Alan Greenspan’s bathtub. Ergo, no taxes have been collected and all arguments with Switzerland and other offshore centres are just theatre of the absurd. It would be impossible to retrieve tax from an ‘offshore bank’ - there is no thing banked there. Hence the G8 ‘brothers in Christ’ have to recognise the reality of the current situation, analysed in our Letter Rogatory: there is no tax that can be collected – the real tax has been a near 100% tax on circulating or stored gold, extracted over the course of a century by fraudulent conversion and held out of reach of tyrants – witness the allocated gold in the LME and other repositories going out of the reach of their owners. The Dalai Lama gave away his £1.1m Templeton Foundation prize. The Bodhisattva, a reincarnated Living Master of Buddhist teaching on emptiness (Diamond Sutra) did not falter.

Another test to detect Christians for the unity of Mammon: Do you believe in the second coming of Christ? … Do you believe in reincarnation?

37When we pay ‘cash’ to the farmer at farmer’s market, we pay no thing. It is shocking for Pope Francis to discover that he paid no thing for his stay at St. Martha’s hostel on his election.

No thing is bound by illusory debt on Earth or in Heaven!

38See 1908 “People’s Budget” in the reign of King Edward VII.

39For why it was done, see Mixed Money case of 1604 – to put god’s money out of the reach of tyrants.

41The bubble is used as a metaphor of illusion. When it ‘pops’ there won’t be a Great Depression, just a world without debt and ‘banks’, the illusory tokens rendered meaningless, the fear and doom of having to pay impossible debts replaced by joy and relief.

‘The banking fraternity will never give up their power’, we were told. Really?! We do not think they or any formal legislature including the United States Congress, have any power at all, save the sound and fury of legal idiots. The drama involved in bamboozling the legislators into believing that they are debating the ‘debt ceiling’, is a theatre of the absurd. The same goes for the European Parliament, which is laid out perfectly for the Delphi technique. The in-out referendum regarding the EU is a farce, designed to identify the troublesome people in ‘public life’.

42Signified by ‘whereas it is expedient’ in all post-1911 ‘emergency’ legislation – not ‘right and proper’.

43This is not advocation of confiscation, this is respect for those who have small amounts and think it is money, just as Pope Francis did upon his election.

The question becomes, what is to be done with bad tempered (think false flag), ‘rich’, irrational men, who have vast number of zeros in their ‘bank accounts’, who are as Pope Francis said, ‘pleased with themselves’.

Motherly advice is what is required, for they cannot possibly ‘pay back’ the real liability created by UCC mirror reflection.

We have access to such a World Mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our very own sleeping beauty of incomparable popularity beyond any politician who can awaken with the kiss of a debt jubilee.

45The Guano (bat shit) Nitrate rabbit hole:
by Christopher Story, FRSA
3 June 2008 … The total number of safety deposit lock boxes raided is 7,000.

Police officers have secured the concrete and steel vaults, and will take several weeks to remove each box, using angle grinders, to a secret location where they will be prized open with diamond-tipped drills. This is an unprecedented blow against UK and global organised criminal operations, and will have decisive implications for the criminalised sectors of intelligence services, especially the vast intelligence criminal underworld associated with the Central Intelligence Agency. …

Of course lock boxes held at firms like Safe Deposit Centres Limited (or Mail Boxes Etc.) are not the primary location of safety lock boxes where the proceeds of criminal operations, especially of intelligence-related organised theft, are located. The other venue for safety boxes is of course the banking sector. It will be interesting now to observe whether, in due course, Scotland Yard follows through with armed raids on banks specialising in offering safety lock box facilities. … [ did they? Or did the Labour government not pass the investigation file to the current government? Or did Sir Humphrey prevent that? Recall the Yes, Prime Minister episode, One of us. ]

[ Christopher Story made serious allegations regarding child abuse in high places in the EU and US, the investigation of which has popped up again, against whom there can be no doubt that the exact evidence required exists … ]

As previously reported by this service, the accounts of the European Commission have been rejected FOR THE PAST 14 YEARS RUNNING by the European Union's own expert Court of Auditors. This means, then, that the European Commission, which is an illegitimate corporate entity anyway, is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. It must be continually exposed as such.

Further, the UK Serious Fraud Office have specifically CONFIRMED that remittance of taxpayers' funds into the hands of a criminal enterprise IS OF COURSE ITSELF A CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

What is more, our Irish associate, Richard Sharpe, visited the Court of Auditors in Luxembourg recently and obtained SPECIFIC CONFIRMATION from an official there, MR GEZA NOVACS, who told Richard that quote 'the European Accounts have not been signed off ('qualified') for fourteen years or more' unquote. …

Also read


It was reported on 7th August that the Metropolitan Police (London) have confirmed in an email that Madeleine McCann, aged 5, who was snatched on 3rd May 2007 in Praia de Luz, Portugal, as widely rehearsed in the media, was abducted to the order of a paedophile organisation based in Belgium. We have been informed that the way that this depraved activity operates is that the 'client' is sent three photographs of children, and chooses one of them, who is then provided, to meet his depraved requirements. The individual who selected little Madeleine McCann is a very senior official of the European Commission in Brussels. His name has been reported to this service. [Our report added later that the name of this senior European Official AS REPORTED TO US was JOSE MANUEL BARROSO, the President of the European Commission].

[ 4th July 2013: New Leads spark Met formal Inquiry. Someone at MI6 surely has a list of such people who play the “angry sausage game” … Christopher Story had such a list - ]

The DVD, Dachau, are extensively involved in paedophile ring operations. Selected children are kidnapped, degraded for perverse purposes, and afterwards usually murdered in satanic snuff movies. (Anyone who contradicts us on this matter risks the likelihood that we may publish a very extensive expose of this absolute abomination traceable back to the heathen practice of post-natal contraception which the aberrant children of Israel adopted from time to time by the sacrificing of unwanted children to Molech or Moloch, in the valley of the son of Hinnom, near Jerusalem).

This practice is replicated in child human sacrifices that take place at Bohemian Grove, Sonoma County, California, attended by depraved holders of high office and prominent power positions, every July. Separately, a total of 43 children, who had been kidnapped for paedophile activities and snuff films, perished in May 2007 alone, according to informed experts in touch with this service.

52Standing emergency orders of the United States can be rewritten by La Civiltà Cattolica (The Catholic Civilisation), “without relativism and hypocrisy”:


54Command and control are about man’s words. Property rights which include the right of command over the property, are a result of the relation between a ‘material’ object and a rational mind. Such power is not the exclusive domain of any race or people. The exercise of command may be through a trustee.

In Shakespeare’s time, his plays reflect the intrigue in the Royal Court whilst portraying scenes from, for example, Rome or Venice.

This tradition that the arts tell the story of the king’s court is found even today. For example, the TV Series, Star Trek, U.S.S. Enterprise with Captain James Kirk says a lot more when one hears in Scottish English, Church for Kirk. ‘To boldly go were no man has gone before’, the history of the last hundred years, the conception of a Borg is the tribal corporate state, sucking in all the brain power. The ‘captain’s chair’ can be seen as a reference to the Papal Throne. The separation of the Captain from any operational controls reflects the separation of settlor from trustee. Significant social change has been traced to this TV series, for example, acceptance of black women as capable and effective, two memes of prejudice dismantled. This TV series also examines Quatloos, imaginary money, where Captain Kirk is shown that we have nothing to fear but our own imagination. Much of the imagination in this TV series has become reality, the Mind we live in capable of manifestation of our desires by the discrete desires and actions of individual men and women.

55Cede verb: give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another.

56The choices before Man were symbolically presented to whoever had eyes to see and ears to hear at Her Majesty’s 60th Diamond Jubilee concert, where Paul McCartney performed in sequence, Mother Mary … Let it be, followed by Live and Let Die, flame and fire all round; grace or fire.

Fear based delay to accept an offer of grace inevitably leads to the necessary karmic correction – this is the nature of God/Mind – witness Swami Vivekananda’s words on 11th September 1893 in Chicago at the World Parliament of Religions, “I fervently hope that the bell that tolled this morning in honour of this convention may be the death-knell of all fanaticism, of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen, and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal.”

57Pope Francis: “We are sons of God thanks to Jesus: no one can take away this ‘identity card’. This is how I identify myself: as a child of God! What a beautiful identity! Civil status: we are free! Amen.”

58The Housekeeper, like the title ‘Secretary’ has access to ‘secrets’; The Housekeeper, unlike a mere Secretary has the authority and power to clean the house, which means to first investigate and find the hidden dirt.

The Household of Her Majesty serves the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, ergo, the Housekeeper is the first person thought of when the Church basement needs to be cleaned.

The position is sole, the position is not a conflict of interest with Her Majesty’s Prime Minister in Church or in conflict with the position of Lord High Treasurer or any of Her Majesty’s other Great Officers of State.

The living man, known as Joseph Ray Sundarsson is pleased to be the Housekeeper’s servant, to deal with and remove any ghost, dirt, dirty animal, bat or insect found lurking in Her Majesty’s house or Church basement.

59King James Bible, Luke 20:25 And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's.

60President Obama, taking his Oath of Office: “I will execute [pause]”.

62John 1:23

63Matthew 3:15