Vatican G8 - 1

We do know that the king of kings is not as free as theory and Vatican statutes declare, for Orthodoxy binds the Bishop of Rome in ancient, invisible fetters. Our Immaculate Virgin Mother, we believe, wishes to unshackle these fetters.

St Francis

Saint Francis, by Murrilo

The purpose of this letter is assist Our Holy Father to introduce to the Vatican G8 the letters of this contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One.

Vatican G8 - 1

Franciscus P.P.
Holy See
By Fax and DHL

Open Letter
Amicus curiæ
30th September 2013

May it please the Immaculate Virgin Mary,

Ave Maria !

Our Holy Father Francis must be engrossed in preparations for the meeting with the ‘Vatican G8’, the group of Cardinals chosen to advise Our Holy Father in the urgent reform of the Roman Court of Pontifex Maximus.

The purpose of this letter is assist Our Holy Father to introduce to the Vatican G8 the letters of this contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One. We believe that they have manifested a bond of communication between pivotal leaders, as witnessed by the news that reminds us daily. We note that these letters are offensive to demons and should not be taken personally.

We do know that the king of kings is not as free as theory and Vatican statutes declare, for Orthodoxy binds the Bishop of Rome in ancient, invisible fetters. Our Immaculate Virgin Mother, we believe, wishes to unshackle these fetters.

In the name of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to the Cardinals of the Catholic Church, greeting!

Issues of social justice weigh upon the minds of the Cardinals of the Church. The difficulties of the ‘Vatican Bank’ have surely made ‘liquidity’ difficult. The ‘financial crisis’ has sparked a swathe of trouble across the American continent, Europe and the rest of the world.

Let us exorcise the demons that infest God’s church. We shall name them one by one that they may vanish into the void from which they appeared:

The demon called ‘love of money’ is easy to see: but what is unseen is how this demon has worked like the genie from the magic lamp to build the civilisation of Saint Peter.

The demon called ‘lust for sex’ is easy to see: but what is unseen is how this genie is in the process of transforming the male-dominated Catholic Church, so that Mother Mary may openly manifest the White Rose of Peace.

The demon called ‘narcotic drugs’ is easy to see: but what is unseen is how it has prevented a Zimbabwe style collapse of the dollar, the euro, and the pound and thereby avoided the starvation to death of millions of people in Africa and sent them better roads and infrastructure.

The demon called ‘Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)’, armed with ‘nuclear weapons’ is easy to see: but what is unseen is how it has drained the accounts of Caesar and made Caesar into a disposable paper tiger that even a child can tear to shreds.

The demon called ‘Protestants, Muslims and Pagans’ is easy to see: but what is unseen is how it shall vanquish the Orthodoxy that threatens Pope Francis. The result shall be the blessing of universal communion that cannot be taken away by any future Pope, Cardinal, sect or sinner.

The demon called ‘Marxism’ is easy to see as worship of this demon has entrapped the mind of the ‘anti-capitalism’ crowd inside and outside the Catholic Church: but what is unseen is how the inner ghost of Marxism, the word ‘community’, is giving birth to ‘individuality’ rooted in God, opening Mother Mary’s door for all people regardless of nation, language or bishopric.

The demon called ‘Dictatorship’ is easy to see: but what is unseen is how the unlimited power of Dictatorship shall never again overcome the now established legal fact in the Roman Court that the ‘Command of a Dictator’ is a Brutum Fulmen, an empty threat, an order that has no force.

Facts for consideration

Pope Benedict XVI, whom we thank again for the kindness in releasing the video, ‘Secret Access to the Vatican 2011’, informs us that the Pope makes his decisions on all the knowledge and history available to the Pope. This vast survey of mankind’s thought must therefore include the available history, the Torah, every trick in any extant manuscript, inscription, book or bible. Surely the ‘Vatican G8’, has come armed with a survey of the history that has brought us to this day.

Pope Benedict XVI in his kindness has shown us the letters written by President Abraham Lincoln, famed for ‘getting rid of slavery’ as well as those of the ‘confederate enemies’, from the Vatican Secret Archives.

The American Civil War and the resulting importance of the Caesar called ‘United States’ in specifying the ‘money of today’, run by the ‘Federal Reserve’ would then be pivotal in the analysis to be presented by the ‘Vatican G8’ to Pope Francis.

The preceding history of the ‘American Revolution’, Great Britain, the Glorious Revolution which resulted in the 1688 Bill of Rights, the Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-Spanish wars would lead back to King Henry VIII and Martin Luther and the Edict of Worms, and the Schism with the Orthodox Church.

One would have to look at how Catholic Spain arose by the conquest of the Islamic civilisation of the Moors, how a peaceful civilisation based on trade, a civilisation with advanced medical and mathematical knowledge, was lost to the highly organized, superstitious and ruthless warriors of Rome, how Arabic numbers came to dominate Roman numerals, how the Portuguese discovered India, how the religion of the Prophet Muhammed created the long lasting, tolerant multi-religious civil structure of Mogul India and what the civil structure of modern world government owes to these far off times and places. Which are the two most populous Muslim countries?

Going back further one would have to consider the ‘financial collapse’ of the Roman Emperors by the righteousness that Our Lord Jesus Christ brought to the people of Rome. How the Jewish people fled the Pharaohs of Egypt and how history shows us that it has never been possible to rule mankind for any length of time by the sword.

Looking westward and southward towards the Spanish possessions, one would have to note how the the native peoples were destroyed, their culture demonized and their history obliterated. One would have to entertain the thought that the invaders were the barbarians who believed only in the ruthless application of force and had no idea of the oneness of God, for if they did, they would not have done such a monstrous thing. The high level of organized violence and brotherly hatred among the largely Roman Catholic brothers is visible in the Paraguayan War, the Guerra de la Triple Alianza, where an astonishing 90% of the population of Paraguay is estimated to have perished.

We hear a karmic echo of these times in the two European Civil Wars of the last century resulting in the near complete collapse in the value of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the people of Europe who have returned to their Roman belief in organizing the pyramid of force based on who can smash rocks together better. The Almighty One is calling our attention to Europe’s lack of faith and the loss of the values of mercy, forgiveness and kindness towards a stranger1.

The importance of money would have to draw attention to the assumption by the United States Congress of the debt of Latin America and the mopping up of Latin American bonds. One would have to know the history of gunpowder and its source in guano nitrates from the western coast lines of Bolivia and Chile and how more recently a Peruvian bond that escaped being collected was photocopied and used by U.S. Presidents as ‘good gold collateral’, together with the compound interest.

Without any of these facts, and so many have been omitted in the above for lack of time and space during this contemplation2, it would be a vain project to advise Pope Francis.

Very recent facts

A hundred years is but so many sleepless minutes in history3 that cannot sleep. The world is just emerging from the eclipse of faith, signalled by the 1870 Roman Question, where the Pope was a Prisoner in the Vatican.

The intelligence of man, whilst rapidly growing to investigate the phenomena of the world that appears in our consciousness, stepped off the Ground of Being into the Sea of Admiralty. The Vineyard of the Lord was invaded by a nuclear powered tsunami as our LORD, the Almighty One has made vivid in Fukushima. This is public evidence of a more dramatic underground war. Students of history who know about the ‘scorched Earth policy’ will no doubt surmise that those who built the civilisation of Saint Peter have prepared a retreat so total that it would boggle the mind to conceive it. A remote dam that was blown up in Washington State so that the salmon can run free gives a glimpse into the mind of the planners.

The position of the Pope is unique. It would be impossible to have a modern Pope who had no faith in God. One man with faith staring down the evil in mankind, praying for the forgiveness of all our sins is more than a mortal man can bear.

Only Our Mother’s White Rose of Peace can release the Pope and mankind from the present difficulties that face us all.

The kingdom of heaven Within

Our Lord Jesus Christ, whilst He was alive and teaching, bore testimony in the Gospel, that the kingdom of heaven is within. He declared, “before Abraham was, I am”. He declared, “My Father and I are One.

These declarations are the key to the mystery of the gift of His life on the cross. It is this direct, immediate, moment-to-moment knowledge of the Almighty One that results in His resurrection.

The Garden of Eden metaphor, pictures painted in the Latin alphabet, reveal an ancient knowledge of the oneness of God.

It is better to be an atheist who constructs an image of God as a blind watchmaker than to try to enforce unity and uniformity by Roman diktat.

The only tribute mortal man may give to the Almighty One is to try to know Him. The atheist is pleasing to God for he tries to construct a model, an idol, which best describes His unfathomable depth of Intellectual Power.

Seen in this light, the old and new testament are both idols. Even by idols one may glimpse the Almighty One in experience as the living God. Even in very ancient Egypt the then knowledgeable priests taught the secrets of God in the ‘mystery schools’.

At the end of the most advanced contemplation there is a revelation of the Holy See, the Kaivalya Darshanam, the revelation that ‘death once dead, there is no more dying’. This is when where we are, ‘sat down at the right hand of God’. Even so, the Mystery of mysteries remains a triple paradox.

This is to say in simple language that we may mount towards heaven with ever better Relations of Ideas, but the Almighty One is as untouchable as the top of the sky.

The image of Earth from space, a blue, watery planet, is an image of one. The view from the Voyager spaceship from beyond the heliopause, of a dot amidst dots, is a symbol of the humility of the World-Mind, the LORD of Hosts who supplies us our objective waking bodies, before the vastness of the Almighty One.

Looking outward, the vastness of the intellectual conception of the Almighty One spread out in the Heavens above, is humbling and awe inspiring without the need to invoke or even mention God.

The importance of the strange utterances of God who walked with us, an Avatar as the people east of the Indu river conceive of one such, non-dual with the Almighty One, begins to manifest its value when devotion led by tender holy feeling goes within to seek the kingdom of heaven where He lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ becomes the doorway to discover Him within, seated as He is, the delicate and child-like Soul on Mother Mary’s lap.

“The simple mind is no match for the cunning of the ego”, thunders a warning that cuts to the heart of Satan, the personification of evil, the ego within or personality without.

Knowing the epistemology and ontology of the Garden of Eden which we discuss in our Letter to Professor Richard Dawkins, one begins to fathom that the world without is the World-Idea within.

The ‘battle with Satan’ takes on a very personal, intimate form. The imaging faculty within us, throws up form after form, dream after dream, terror, even Armageddon, ecstatic4 vision and feelings of rapture to thwart the revelation of the Simple Mind, the child-like Christ within, seated on Our Mother’s lap of spaceless-timelessness, self-born in the manger of our heart.

When the imaging faculty is silenced, the causal ideas without form remain. When the causal ideas without form are vanquished, one is drawn ever inwards by love, with force similar to that of today’s super powerful magnets, into THAT from which the child I-AM within appears.

When one returns after such an experience, the World-Idea is revealed, blossoming as the tender White Rose of Peace from Our Immaculate Virgin Mother on whose lap is seated our Soul that I-AM.

This is the Christ whose second coming, continuously happens within each and every one of us; our inviolable individuality5, that reveals the ‘community of Spirit’, the true ‘brotherhood of Man’.

A gift of the White Rose of Peace

The purpose of this thought experiment is to appreciate the mental nature of the World-Idea and how, being made in the image of God’s mind, our mind too has the power of imagination. The cheap manifestation of miraculous objects by astral magicians merely demonstrates another level of development of the mind of man, an obstacle to ‘salvation’.

Let us extend our open palms and imagine that Our Mother has placed a white rose in our open hands. In our imagination the white rose is lovely, the petals vivid as-if they are real.

Is it visible to you? Yes. Now stop imagining the white rose. Is it gone? Yes. When it was visible to you, would others have seen it? No. Where is the space in which the rose was visible to you? In your mind. When you cease to make effort to re-vivify the imaginary rose, the rose vanishes. Where is the time-sequence of the imaginary rose? In your mind. Your mind created space-time that is concomitant with the one manifest for you by the World-Mind.

Today’s harsh electric lights have deprived us of extended periods of darkness, lit by only starlight, for example. Contemplation in near-darkness lets us glimpse the World-Idea flashing into and out of our awareness. Successful contemplation when wide awake in these conditions, paying attention to the edges of the image that the World-Mind is manifesting for you, by the grace of Our Immaculate Virgin Mary, reveals the insight that your body and the World-Idea in which it lives, is blooming as the White Rose of Peace.

By this grace it is seen then, that the symbolic language of communion is teaching us that the World-Idea is the body of Christ, the I-AM that is within you.

The unshakeable knowledge arises that there is no inanimate ‘dead’ ‘matter’ and that tomorrow is already ‘thought of’ in the Mind of the Almighty One. This dissolves the apparent duality of fate vs freewill. The Lord’s prayer becomes lit with the revelation that making effort ‘on Earth now’ reveals a better as-yet-to-be-unfolded idea when ‘tomorrow’ becomes the ‘now’.

So let us make effort now, there is no dead nature ‘out there’ for man to live ‘in harmony’ with. The Sanskrit word prakṛti, usually translated as ‘nature’ is so much more meaningful, just as the Sanskrit word prana, usually translated as ‘life-force’, would have been translated into the Latin of Rome two millennia ago as ‘blood’.

Let us rejoice that the Almighty One has made all this knowledge available as the riches of our race of Man, for the formless Intellectual-Principle of Man is Our Father, and I-AM one with it, on the lap of spaceless-timelessness of our Immaculate Virgin Mary.

We trust that this letter and teaching is a light unto all our previous open letters and that the Group of Eight Cardinals shall assist Our Holy Father Francis in bringing the Peace of Our Immaculate Virgin Mary into the Ocean of Spirituality so that the fish that have been caught by the nets of Saint Peter may swim free.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson

GICOR-ref: Vatican-G8/1.1

1Contrast the generosity of the Gospel of Our Lord for the people of all nations, with the teaching of SSPX:

“With his visit to Lampedusa, Pope Francis sought to simplify things: there are some poor wretches that want to come to a country inhabited by rich and selfish people who let them die at sea and those guilty rich people are us.” …

Although this message may have some truth in it, it cannot solve such a complicated problem. Although no one should be denied emergency medical aid (when it can be given), the Masonic plot to create a multicultural society must not be underestimated. Particularly by the Pope, who is responsible for protecting the faith.”

2Our Open Letters have more such contemplation of history and karma.

3History: His Story. The story of Him who bears the burden of this world.

4The Latin origin of the word reminds us that the ecstasy is not static, just provisional, the Star of the East, the spiritual eye signified by a bindi, the portal or glory of the White Rose of Peace, inviting us to go further within to the Christ-child lying in the manger of our heart.

5That which cannot be divided. The atom of the ancients, the I-AM simplex of the bible.